Saturday, July 12, 2008

Marcher Lord Press Preview #2, The Personifid Invasion

Jeff Gerke has unveiled the second book in his three-book launch list over at Marcher Lord Press. It's called The Personifid Invasion by R.E. Bartlett, who previously penned The Personifid Project (Realms).

Summary of novel according to the author:

The Personifid Invasion is set in a possible future Earth. We [humans] are in the process of discarding the natural body and shifting to artificial versions of ourselves—“personifids.”

The story follows adult siblings Aphra and Antha as they look for their long-lost sister. There’s just one problem—the sister resides in San Edhem, a city renowned for being overrun by “interterrestrials.” This means the personifids there may or may not be inhabited by humans.

It’s all a little dicey, and requires perception to know what’s what.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR according to Jeff Gerke:

R.E. (Ruth) Bartlett is a Kiwi novelist I’ve known for a few years now. I was able to get her first published novel, The Personifid Project, included in the launch list at Realms, back in 2005.

Ruth’s novel for Marcher Lord Press, The Personifid Invasion, is a sequel to that first one, but stands well on its own.

Ruth’s humor and her vision for the future are among the things that draw me to her future. As are the spiritual and philosophical questions that inevitably come up when you’re talking about technology that allows people to cheat death indefinitely.

With The Personifid Invasion she adds a new spiritual dimension to her futuristic vision, but I’ll let her explain that herself.

Read an interview with R.E. Bartlett here.
Read a sample chapter from The Personifid Invasion here.

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