Friday, August 22, 2008

Marcher Lord Press Preview #3, Summa Elvetica

Jeff Gerke has unveiled the second book in his three-book launch list over at Marcher Lord Press. It's called Summa Elvetica by Theodore Beale.

Summary of the novel:

In Summa Elvetica Beale brings us a delightfully speculative what-if scenario: what if the Catholic Church (or something very like it) existed in a fantasy world in which dwelt non-human intelligent races like orcs, trolls, and elves?

At some point in such a world the leading ecclesiastics would have to wrestle with the question of whether or not these demi-humans have souls and therefore ought to be the subject of evangelization by the Church.

Summa Elvetica is the story of the young priest whom the Church assigns to investigate the matter. Along the way toward his conclusion, he falls in love with an Elven princess and finds himself in the middle of a racially motivated war.

More than the curiosities of high clerics hang in the balance as he comes to declare what he discovers to be God's will about whether or not elves have souls.

About the Author:

Theodore Beale is an American living in Europe. He has published decidedly Christian speculative fiction with decidedly secular publishers: Pocket Books and Simon & Schuster.

He works primarily in the computer game industry, where he has launched and guided a small business into a successful career. He is an entrepreneur and a musician, and, if you do a little digging, you'll find he's interesting in other ways, too.

Read an interview with Theodore here.
Read the first chapter of Summa Elvetica here.

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Beale is likely better known by his online moniker, Vox Day.