Monday, March 21, 2011

Riven by Jerry B. Jenkins available for free - limited time only!


March 21, 2011—New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins, best known for the Left Behind Series, refers to his 2008 novel Riven as “my life’s work.” Unlike any of his other 175 books, Riven is the dramatic story of a career criminal and a washed up pastor who cross paths on death row. Tyndale House Publishers is making Riven available as a free ebook download on and until March 31.

With its title taken from the original lyrics of the old hymn “Rock of Ages,” Riven portrays the lives of Brady Darby, a no-account criminal under a death sentence and Thomas Carey, a weary man of God working as a prison chaplain, and how death, guilt and despair are unfathomably trumped by rebirth, forgiveness and hope.

Charles Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship says about Riven, “Thoroughly moving, Riven leaves an indelible impression on the reader. Its characters and message stay with you long after the final chapter. For me, it is also a deeply personal reminder of why God called me to prison ministry so many years ago.”

“We felt Riven is a special book and we wanted to bring it to readers attention again through this free special offer,” say Cheryl Kerwin, Tyndale senior marketing manager.

Tyndale’s Senior Vice President and Publisher Ron Beers calls Jenkins one of the most entertaining novelists of our day. “This book is special for two reasons,” he says. “Its message of grace is powerful and profound—this is the kind of book that you will want to pass on to others. Also, this is the book Jerry says he waited 20 years to write. His passion for this book clearly shines through in every page.”


Jerry B. Jenkins is the leading evangelical novelist. He has authored more than 170 books, including more than 20 New York Times bestsellers. His Left Behind Series, co-authored with Tim LaHaye, sold more than 65 million copies with seven titles ranking #1 on the bestseller lists for The New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Christian Booksellers Association.

To download a free copy of Riven until March 31, go to’s Kindle store or’s Nookbook page. For more information, visit