Thursday, February 12, 2009

Swope's Ridge by Ace Collins - coming in August!

Coming in August from Zondervan is Ace Collins' second novel, Swope's Ridge. According to his website, the novel is a sequel to his first, Farraday Road.

Says Ace:

This is the second in the Lige Evans' Mystery Series. If you are wanting to know more about Lije, Janie and the rest of the people who survived Farraday Road, this book has the answers. As it solves the first novel's mystery, this book takes readers far beyound Swope's Ridge to Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Berlin and Washington D.C. The mystery unravels to reveal not only who killed Kaitlyn Evans, but to also uncover a terrorist plot meant to crippled the U.S. government. Filled with dramatic plot twists, the book has more adventure and thrills than Farraday Road and provides deep development of the men and women who are such a vital part of this book series.

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