Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Ted Dekker website coming March 20th!

Coming March 20th, the website will get a face lift! Or more accurately, a complete overhaul...

Here's an update from the old site:

At 12 noon CENTRAL TIME this Friday, the website you're on right now will be transformed. We've been working for over a year re-thinking and re-designing the online community. And it's now time to flip the switch.

Here's what we have in store for you:

- An all new look that we think you're going to love.

- A Circle social network complete with instant chat, message boards, and customizable pages.

- A little something Ted likes to call "The Underground," a section where we'll deliver never before seen Ted stories.

- All new ways to interact directly with Ted through his blog, video posts, and photos.


Be sure to join us on, in "THE CIRCLE" section of the new website this Friday night from 8p-10p CENTRAL TIME for our launch party. Door prizes, including signed copies of Ted's novels, will be given away EVERY TEN MINUTES during the party, but you have to be online to win. It'll be a fun time for you to try out the new site, meet up with some current friends and make some new ones, and enjoy the new social network. You never know who might drop by.

So, come join us. A ton of work has gone into this new site and we're excited to share it with you!

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