Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Julie Carobini novel coming in 2008

Julie has just unveiled the cover of her next novel, Truffles by the Sea, at her website. Scheduled for a February 2008 release by Bethany House Publishers, it's a sequel to her popular Chocolate Beach (which has sold over 21,000 copies).

Truffles by the Sea

After a series of near catastrophes, Gaby Flores adopts a new motto: Be gullible no more! She takes this motto to heart by pooh-poohing the gossip du jour in her new neighborhood. But what happens when the neighborhood blather turns to news about her?

A seal pup on the dock of her waterside rental, the mysterious appearance of seashells, two potential romances, and the eviction of her fledgling business all make great fodder for the neighborhood chatterboxes.

But with all the hearsay and innuendo encircling her, Gaby starts believing her own bad press, and crawls into a protective shell of her own.

Can Gaby quiet the accusing voices in her head long enough to discover the riches in store for her?

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