Thursday, October 11, 2007

Danny Gospel by David Athey (April '08)

An interesting new book coming down the pike from Bethany House this April. Don't you just love that tree on the cover. Very dynamic.


Once he'd performed in his family's gospel band, but now most of his loved ones have passed on. Still known as "Danny Gospel," he is living a sedate, quiet life as a postman in a small Iowa town. Soon his tranquil existence is broken open by—a dream, a vision, a sign?—a beautiful woman he is sure is his "beloved."

Logic and sense tucked safely out of harm's way, Danny launches a quest to find his true love. Always good-natured, he is a hero on a journey—dreaming impossible dreams and, no matter how much he must suffer, pursuing romance and heavenly glory.

But is his quest really for a vision of beauty—or is it a journey through pains too deep to name and emotions too raw to feel?

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