Thursday, October 25, 2007

One More Sunrise by Michael Landon, Jr. & Tracie Peterson

Originally scheduled to release in January but now scheduled for Spring 2008, Michael Landon Jr. & Tracie Peterson's One More Sunrise has also been assigned a new cover.

A mysterious feather…an odd stranger…another chance? Joe Daley's life is spiraling out of control. In more ways than one…

His dreams of WWII glory died along with his plans to serve his country. Fifteen years later, Joe Daley flies a crop duster and struggles through life, with his marriage to high-school-sweetheart Meg running on fumes.

Until one morning when Joe's daily routine turns into the ride of a lifetime as his beat-up biplane begins a heart-stopping spiral toward earth. What did he hit? An enormous bird? With the only evidence a long white feather, Joe embarks on a new odyssey.

When an old high-school suitor of Meg's—now the charming representative of a corporate farming enterprise—arrives in town, he offers better lives for everyone. Is this the opportunity Joe and Meg have been waiting for? Or a collision course with disaster?

A Gripping Story of Lives Turned Upside Down and
Dreams Transformed Into Something Beautiful and New…

Read our interview with Michael Landon, Jr. here.


Anonymous said...

One More Sunrise is already available. I've read it and loved it. Set in the late 50's, the characters are real - both in their flaws and in how they react to circumstances of their lives. I really came to care about what happens to Joe Daley and his family -- a charming story about second chances and faith.

Anonymous said...

TitleTrakk - I appreciate your blog and really loved your interview with Michael Landon, Jr.

He is a fantastic director and I recently got his film, Saving Sarah Cain on DVD.

Mr. Landon's films have such a redeeming quality to them and I hope he directs for a very long time.


Unknown said...

You can watch scenes from Saving Sarah Cain and download a Bible Study Guide for the film at


BradyG said...

One of his Janette Oke adaptations came out today that I'm looking forward to: Love's Unfolding Dream.