Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Suspicious Minds by Christy Barritt

For those of you who loved Christy Barritt's character Gabby St. Claire from her first novel Hazardous Duty ... you're in for a treat! Gabby is back in Barritt's latest novel (releasing shortly from Kregel).


Rock and roll may never die, but the King is definitely dead . . . again. To pay off some bills, crime scene cleaner Gabby St. Claire takes a job doing mold remediation, but she finds a surprise in the dilapidated home’s crawlspace: Elvis, dead as a doornail and still wearing his blue suede shoes. How could she possibly keep her nose out of a case like this? A sequel to the popular novel Hazardous Duty.

Read our review of Hazardous Duty here.

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