Monday, September 29, 2008

Unseen Pages Project

T.L. Hines has announced a cool new project to help promote his upcoming novel The Unseen. And the great part is, it sounds like a lot of fun! Here's what T.L. says about the project on his website:

Right now, people all across the United States and Canada are helping me disassemble and hide one complete copy of my latest book, The Unseen, in dozens of locations. You can see who those people are and sign up to join them if you want; we'll start hiding pages the first of October or so. That's 192 individual pages (383 pages, actually--but each individual page has a front and a back), hiding in unseen spaces--much like Lucas, the main character in The Unseen.

Why? Well, a multitude of reasons, but foremost among them is: to have fun. Maybe sell a few books, maybe meet a few new people, maybe get a few unexpected surprises...but for me, that all comes under the category of having fun. Of course, I want to make it fun for you, too. So here's what I'm doing. If you've found one of the Unseen Pages, just click on the appropriate page and tell me a little bit about where you found it, how you found it, or whatever. I'm hoping you might come up with something creative inspired by the page you found (a haiku, a photo, an origami...use your imagination), because the most creative comments/entries will win free tee shirts. But just a simple comment is really all you need to do; it's all good, and I certainly appreciate you just dropping by and participating.

Then--and this is key for a couple of reasons--put the page where someone else can find it and do the same. I don't care where you put it, as long as it's publicly-accessible; heck, you can even mail it to other friends in different cities, if you want. Sorta like a chain letter, yes, but without those negative "You'll die in five days if you don't send this to someone!" overtones. And you don't really have to send the page to anyone else; just leave it in public for someone else to find. Just by participating, you could win some free stuff.

How? The individual page that gets passed around most--that is, the page that gets the most comments or entries right here on this very site--will win a prize for each and every person who found that page: free signed copies of my first two books, Waking Lazarus and The Dead Whisper On. So, if you find a page and pass it on, you could win free signed books, perfect for reading, gift-giving or fire-starting.

And hey, the free schwag doesn't end there. The first 50 people who find a page and leave an entry in the Unseen Pages project will get a free iTunes download. Plus, as I said before, the most creative entries will win snazzy The Unseen tee shirts. And, if you want to find out more about The Unseen, you can also win a cool Urban Explorer Kit, complete with a GPS unit, a digital camera, and more.
And once again, it's all in fun. So I hope you'll join me. I'm hoping this whole project leads to fun new adventures that are still (ahem) unseen.

Check out more and sign up at T.L.'s website.

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