Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Restorer's Journey (Book #3 in the Sword of Lyric series) by Sharon Hinck

Coming this February is the third and last installment of Sharon Hinck's wonderful Sword of Lyric series. *spoiler warning* You might not want to read the summary if you haven't read the previous books yet.


From the innovative Sword of Lyric series comes an all-new fantasy adventure.

Back in our world with her teenage son, Jake, in tow, suburban mom Susan Mitchell is ready for life as usual. But when a foreign threat invades their comfortable home, Susan and Jake soon find themselves drawn back through the portal to the world of the People of the Verses. Now she will struggle to love a people who have become her captors, while Jake suffers a tragic betrayal and discovers his destiny as the next Restorer.

Filled with adventure, warmth, and humorous asides, the Sword of Lyric series offers readers an exciting reading experience unlike any other.

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