Thursday, September 6, 2007

Skizzer by A.J. Kiesling

With a title like Skizzer, this book is sure to make you look twice. But not only is its title intriguing, but the summary is too. Be looking for this novel sometime next spring. Published by Revell.


Claire Trowling is on a quest. After receiving news of her sister Becca's abrupt disappearance, Claire must piece together the shadowy remnants of a past she's long forgotten in order to find her. A cryptic note scrawled in Becca's handwriting leaves more questions than it answers: "Something both terrible and wonderful has happened. I can't explain now..." When a stack of mysterious letters bound by a rare necklace is found, Claire heads to England--the source of the heirloom--for answers. With the help of a rectory gardener she remembers from her childhood, Claire races to discover the secrets that hold her family captive. Suspenseful and full of intrigue, Skizzer takes readers on a transcontinental hunt for answers weaving seamlessly between the distant past of childhood and the urgency of the present.


Lucas EtCetera Proa said...

help me so much to find a book to read in travel!

Unknown said...

This blog is pure delightful torture!! I love all the info about the books...but it's so hard to wait for them to release:-) said...

Thanks so much, Deena and Lucas! We're glad you're enjoying the blog. Let us know if there's ever anything we can do to improve.