Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher by Rob Stennett

An interesting looking novel coming out with Zondervan this June:

Meet Ryan Fisher. He’s young, energetic, and needs an edge in the real estate market. He’s found the perfect niche: Christians. His business doubles when he advertises in the Christian business directory, and he begins to think he could really cash in by planting a church. But when the church takes off, Ryan is in over his head.


Meet Ryan Fisher—a self-assured real estate agent who’s looking for an edge in the market. While watching a news special late one night, he sees evangelical Christians raise their hands in worship.

It’s like they’re begging for affordable but classy starter homes, Ryan thinks.

He discovers the Christian business directory and places an ad with the “Jesus fish.” His business doubles in a week.

But after visiting an actual church, Ryan realizes that with his business savvy, he could not only plant a church—he could create a church empire.

When he starts a church it quickly blossoms into one of the largest and most influential in the state. But Ryan must lead while trying to hide his struggling marriage and the fact that he’s not really a pastor—let alone a Christian.

The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher is a hilarious, spot-on, and often heartbreaking satire in the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Perrotta, and Douglas Adams.

Rob Stennett is an award-winning screenwriter, produced playwright, and film and theater director. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Sarah, and their daughter, Julianna, and serves at New Life Church.

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