Friday, February 1, 2008

What's Robin Parrish writing after the Dominion Trilogy?

Well, first of all, let us remind you that Book #3 in Robin's Dominion Trilogy, Merciless, comes out this July from Bethany House. We're looking forward to discovering how the story ends!

But after that? Robin recently shared in an interview with our friends at Where The Map Ends what his next projects will be. Says Robin:

"Next up I'll be doing a standalone science fiction novel about the first manned mission to Mars, and what happens when the crew from that mission returns home to find...well, something no one ever imagined possible. It'll be another blend of genres with lots of suspense and mystery and action.

After that, I'm planning a supernatural thriller with one of the most original story hooks I've ever come up with. I'm obsessed with this idea and can't wait to write the story."

Read our review of Robin's first novel Relentless here.

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