Monday, January 26, 2009

Bug the Dead by Tim Downs coming this fall!

Coming in September from Thomas Nelson is Tim Downs' next "Bug Man" novel. We've snagged a summary to wet your appetite!


Smuggled insects are at the root of the Bug Man's troubles in this latest suspense novel from award-winning author Tim Downs.

Dr. Nick Polchak is called to a farm community in eastern North Carolina to investigate a murder. The victim is the owner of a failing organic farm who had developed a drug problem, and the police suspect his murder was drug-related.

Nick finds the remains of a bale of marijuana scattered in the tomato fields--but the marijuana seems to be strangely infested with a common North Carolina insect: the tobacco hornworm. To further confound the mystery, the South American marijuana was infected with bugs from North Carolina that were infected with a fungus from Asia. The man wasn't killed because of the marijuana, but because of the insects it contained.

Nick discovers that a vicious agricultural scheme is underway to cripple the U.S.'s corn and ethanol production. But just how far will these terrorists go in their quest?

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wilsonwriter said...

Eric Wilson: big Bug Man fan. Keep bringing them, Tim.