Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Christian Book Expo 2009

ECPA Announces Christian Book Expo Dallas 2009 Consumer Book Event to Be Held March 20-22 in Dallas.

05/11/2007, Phoenix, AZ -- The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) is launching the Christian Book Expo Dallas 2009, a new consumer-oriented book event. This event, a first for ECPA, will bring together publishers, authors and consumers. ECPA is holding this event to reach a critical demographic anybody making or influencing book buying decisions.

The first Christian Book Expo will be held in Dallas, Texas, March 20-22, 2009 at the Dallas Convention Center. More than 389,000 square feet (100,000 is exhibit floor) has been reserved and dates are being set for the event in 2010 and 2011. ECPA is inviting publishers, ministries, authors and booksellers to exhibit in this open-to-the-public event. Activities at the three-day Expo will include workshops, seminars, mini-events and evening programming all lead by authors.

Reaching the consumer is essential to the future of Christian publishing, said ECPA President Mark Kuyper. Our goal with the Christian Book Expo is to connect the top authors from across the country with core customers from the region. We are dedicated to reaching the largest audience possible with the life-changing message in books, Bibles and other Christian resources.

ECPA will actively market this event to area pastors, lay leaders, Christian ministry workers, area counselors, retailers and influential consumers. Dallas was the natural choice for the first-ever Christian Book Expo, says Kuyper. There are more mega churches in the Dallas metropolitan area than any other city in the country and thousands of Christian book buyers call Dallas home.

ECPA is currently researching the event pricing structure and expects to announce the specific prices within the next two months. According to current price models, a consumer would pay no more than $50 for admission to the entire three-day event. Day passes will be significantly less.

Kuyper and the ECPA Board believe the Christian Book Expo will compliment other industry shows. Says Kuyper: We are strategically reaching out to consumers of Christian books. We know that a positive experience will only make them more loyal to Christian products wherever they are sold.

Christian products will be sold to consumers at the Christian Book Expo. ECPA sees several options for purchase either direct sales from an exhibiting publisher, direct sales from an exhibiting retailer, or an exhibiting publisher can make sales arrangements in its booth from a local retailer. ECPA is also talking to retailers about a centralized store for the entire Expo.

However, Kuyper says that event sales are not the goal of Christian Book Expo Dallas 2009: We are trying to build future retail sales. We believe these influential Christians will experience these authors and their message and take that message back to their friends and church families and in turn refer them to their local retailer. Our goal is for awareness and exposure.

Support for the event is widespread across the industry. Michael S. Hyatt, President and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Nelson and ECPA's Chairman of the Board, believes this consumer-oriented event will provide significant opportunities to enhance the audience for religious books, After attending the Guadalajara Book Fair this past fall, I saw first-hand how an event like this could connect authors and their books to the general public on a large scale. I think that ECPA's Christian Book Expo will provide a similar opportunity for authors, retailers, and consumers to come together in a way that creates excitement for anyone who loves books. And for Thomas Nelson, we believe this event will be a positive experience for both our authors and our retail partners. We are committed to making this event a success.

Hardy Weathers, President of the Nazarene Publishing House, agrees: As a member of ECPA's board and the leader of a denominational publishing program, I am excited about the Christian Book Expo in Dallas. It is an opportunity for us to reach outside our natural audience to a larger group of influential book consumers.

For more information on the 2009 Christian Book Expo, contact Mark Kuyper, 480-966-3998.


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