Friday, July 13, 2007

Only Uni by Camy Tang (Book #2 in the Sushi series)

Coming in February 2008 is Only Uni, Book #2 in Camy Tang's Sushi series. Book #1, Sushi For One, releases very shortly.


Flirty biologist Trish Sakai has alienated her best friends and her family because of her wild behavior with her artist ex-boyfriend, Kazuo. Then she finds her father kissing another woman, and her mom suffers a heart attack. Convinced God is punishing her for her sexual promiscuity, Trish comes up with three rules from First and Second Corinthians: 1) Stop looking at guys, 2) Only date Christians, and 3) Persevere in hardship by relying on God. If she follows them, God will restore her life to the way it was before her mistakes. If she can somehow regain her chastity, she won’t feel as dirty and unworthy as she does now. They’re only three rules. How hard can it be?

For more info on Camy, visit her website.

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