Friday, November 2, 2007

Angel by Alton Gansky

Just released from Alton Gansky ...

An earthquake shakes Southern California and sets the stage for the appearance of Aster, a stranger from a world far from our own. Miracles happen around him, spectacular promises are made, and wisdom flows forth from his lips. Aster says he has come to complete our knowledge, to explain our beginnings, and to correct our spiritual errors. He speaks of one greater than he who will soon return to the earth he seeded long ago. And the world is ready to receive him: politicians seek his advice, religious leaders wish to call him friend, scientists want to study him, and philosophers wish to debate him. But not everything is what it seems in Aster s world. Priscilla Simms, an investigatory journalist, is the only one with doubts. This messenger seems too good to be believed. With the courage of conviction and faith, she sets out to find the truth. It s a search that may cost her reputation, and maybe even her life.

Want a sample? Here is the prologue:


Last Will and Testament of Priscilla Cloe Simms Digital video recording from somewhere in Minnesota.

“My name is Priscilla Simms. Yes, that Priscilla Simms. This is my last will and testament. Being of sound mind and weary body, I make this recording of my own volition and under no compulsion. Before I pass my earthly belongings on, I wish to make a statement, to give an account of what has led me to this place, and what will likely lead to my death.

I’m recording this from a secret location…Scratch that. By the time you see this, I’ll be in another location—or dead. Since I can’t edit this video, I’m afraid you’re going to have to endure raw footage. Sorry. I wish I could do better, but things aren’t ideal for me. Not anymore.

“Sorry. I say that word a lot now. More than I thought any person could. I know it’s not all my fault, but logic doesn’t always withstand the onslaught of emotion.

“I doubt I’ll be here much longer. I have to keep moving—keep hiding, but I suppose it’s only a matter of time. From reporter to rebel in eighteen months seems too much to believe. Half the time, I think I’m dreaming, but when I open my eyes, the nightmare continues.

I know you—whoever you are—don’t need me to tell you all that’s happened since Aster’s arrival, but you do need me to tell you what few others will: the truth.

You know some of the story; the part Aster wants you to know; the parts we all believed; the parts I helped broadcast to the world. There’s more—much more. All the goodness you see… Things aren’t what they seem, and I’m not what the authorities say I am. I wish I could prove that to you—to the world, but I harbor no illusions about that. Still, I must try. This is bigger than my opinion or me. This is larger than any one person. This goes beyond this life. It extends into eternity.

I should have known better, really. Hindsight, as they say, is always 20-20. The clues were there and had my eyes been open, I would have recognized them.

I had been warned, too. A dear friend, an insightful woman… She knew. Somehow, someway, she knew. I didn’t listen. I couldn’t see what she did and I should have, we share the same faith.

Yes, I said faith. That was the key. That is the key. Had I bothered to see the situation through the eyes of faith, I would have recognized the lie and maybe made a difference. But I didn’t. I suppose this video is as much a confession as it is an attempt to get the truth out to any who will listen.

Will you listen? I can’t force you to believe me, but maybe, just maybe, my account will ring with enough truth you will recognize it. At any rate, it’s the best I can do now.

That's why I have to do this and do what comes next. That's why this video...

Where to begin…

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