Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Travis Thrasher signs with Faithwords

An update on Thrasher's website gives us info on his upcoming projects:

This past January, I was supposed to have a new book out entitled Isolation. It was a supernatural thriller (a horror story) that dealt with a missionary family under attack. Several people in my writing circle (editors, agent, mom) felt it was my strongest book to date. This title was pulled a month before publication because the publisher felt it was too dark and intense for them.

I’m pleased to announce that Isolation will be seeing light of day. I just signed a four-book contract with Faithwords which is a part of Hatchette Book Group (one of those great big New York houses). This is a fabulous opportunity for my writing to move to that famous “next level.”

At this point, 2008 will have two releases that I’m excited about. In the springtime, Out of the Devil’s Mouth will be released by Moody. This is an adventure tale about an expedition in the Amazon jungle. Think Raiders of the Lost Ark. It takes place in 1929. It’s fun and action-packed. Then Isolation will be released in the fall.

Thanks for your interest in my writing. I realize that I'm quite diverse. But I think that’s a good thing. I never want to be predictable. Hopefully I’ll continue to get better, to tell interesting stories, and move you (to joy, to fear, to tears). Just like every author wants.

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