Friday, November 2, 2007

Beverly Lewis' The Parting on NY Times & USA Today bestseller lists

Minneapolis, MN—Beverly Lewis' latest novel, The Parting, is currently at #8, its second time at that ranking, on the New York Times Paperback Trade Fiction list. It debuted October 1 at #23. This is the highest ranking that a novel by Lewis has reached on the Times list. Her previous novel, The Brethren, reached #12, while The Englisher reached #29 and The Prodigal reached #32.

The Parting also debuted on the USA Today Bestseller List at #39 on October 11, 2007.

The Parting, book one in Lewis' new series The Courtship of Nellie Fisher, is published by Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Based on actual events that caused a split in a Pennsylvania Old Order church, The Parting follows Nellie Fisher, a passionate, if stubborn, girl who may lose her beloved Caleb to the church rift. Yet if she follows Caleb, she may lose her family. As the church perches precariously on the brink of a separation, Nellie and Caleb continue to meet—but at what cost?

Beverly Lewis was born in Pennsylvania Amish country, but now lives in Colorado with her husband David. She is an accomplished musician and was previously a schoolteacher. An award-winning, bestselling author, Lewis has written more than 70 books, including many for children and teens. Her newest children's release, In Jesse's Shoes, is available now. To read more about her life and writing, visit

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