Thursday, November 1, 2007

Finding Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson

Following on the heels of Book #1, Hollywood Nobody, Lisa Samson returns in February 2008 to tell us more of Scotty's story.

Spoiler warning!
Don't read the below summary if you haven't read Hollywood Nobody.


For fifteen-year-old Scotty Dawn, life is starting to resemble a movie.

After learning that her movie-industry mom is actually her grandmother, Scotty receives more shocking news: Her father was killed by the mob. With his murderer still at large, Scotty hides out on a film set in Texas. There she encounters old rivals, new friends, and a young girl caught in a desperate situation. But in the middle of her fears and intense loneliness, Scotty discovers the life-changing power of prayer.

Lisa Samson presents the second in a four-part series for young women. Readers will encounter entertaining stories, smart dialogue, and meaningful themes that impact their everyday lives.

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Unknown said...

I can SO relate to Scotty...not that I grew up on movie sets:-), but that I learned shocking news about MY true origins at the age of 10....and had no one really I could talk to about it all...I absolutely LOVE this series, and I'm so thankful God laid it on Lisa's heart!