Friday, January 11, 2008

Here Comes the Ride - Book #2 in the Andi McConnell series

Coming in May from Thomas Nelson is Book #2 in the Andi McConnell mystery series from Lorena McCourtney.


Andi McConnell is thrilled when she is hired as the chauffeur for a high-end wedding. But she's beginning to wonder why she and her limo keep ending up in the middle of a murder!

A wedding malfunction has precipitated into a murder leaving several obvious suspects. The wedding is cancelled, the guests can't leave, and the heir of the estate is a complete surprise. When another murder occurs, all fingers are pointing to the most obvious suspect who had motive, means, and opportunity. But a final clue uncovers something that no one saw coming. Now Andi is kicking her sleuthing skills into high gear to catch the killer!

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